With multiple years of experience, Jake’s photography is specialized in the outdoor industry but is not limited to it. His creative and unique eye provides clients with the absolute best photos. We partner with our clients to gather exactly what they are looking for but give them a creative approach through our ideas and many years of experience. He can also provide color corrections and dramatic effects to the photos to finalize the look. If needed, we can also create dramatic backdrops and other necessary additions to any picture. In addition, we are also able to do creative drone shots and overhead shots.

For more information on pricing and more, please fill out our standard form under the “learn more” tab. We will return all inquiries within 48 hours. For a few examples of our work, please visit our Instagram page and/or Facebook page and our Portfolio. If you are in need of specific examples or work, we have a portfolio of our designs. For information in regards to Jake and Kaala Powers on a personal level, please visit www.thecompromise.net.